India vs Australia, World Cup final in 2003 and 2023: The uncanny similarities

World Cup Final India Vs Australia

Time to India

It's time for an India vs Australia final in the World Cup 2023, a rematch of the 2003 WC title clash and the 2015 semi-final match. The cricketing world often finds itself entwined in a tapestry of events that echo across decades, and one such striking parallel can be drawn between India and Australia in the World Cup finals of 2003 and 2023.

10-MATCH UNBEATEN RUN In 2003, the Australian cricketing juggernaut stormed through the tournament, winning an impressive 10 matches consecutively before securing their place in the final. Similarly, the 2023 campaign witnessed India's dominance with an identical streak of 10 consecutive victories leading up to the championship clash.