Kampuri Biryani The biryani owns it's origin to tea state of Assam, Kampuri biryani is a fusion of the local vegetables with chicken, rice and spices.

Ambur Biryani Hailing from the state of Tamil Nadu, the Ambur biryani is your classic biryani with a twist on how the meat is cooked.

Goan Fish Biryani The number 8 entry of the list uses a different choice of protein, unlike most biryanis. Coming from the sea-land of goa.

Kashmiri Biryani The Kashmiri biryani draws influence from the Mughal biryani, due to the occasional visit of the Mughals to Kashmir, after it was conquered by Akbar.

Bombay Biryani The Bombay biryani is cooked in Maharashtra style of cooking and is quite similar to it other brother biryanis.

Sindhi Biryani Coming from the land of Sindhis, as the name might suggest, this biryani is filled with dry fruits and nuts.

Thalassery biryani The sweet and savoury biryani, also known as the Malabar biryani comes from the coasts. Made of soft chicken wings

Lucknow / Awadhi Biryani The royal biryani, coming from the city of Nizams, Lucknow. You already know everything about this biryani.

Hyderabadi Biryani One of the most aromatic biryani, the Hyderabadi biryani is a favourite of many food lovers throughout India and the world even.

Kolkata Biryani The myth, the legend, the Kolkata biryani. There has been a debate between the Hyderabadi and Kolkata biryani lovers for a long time now